Data access for the SMILES products

SMILES Level 2 research product (version 3.0.0) is available to collaborators with NICT. The product is not open to the public at this moment, because the product is still under the validation phase and the interpretation of the non-sun-synchronous orbital data of photochemistry-related species requires special treatment that is not well documented yet.

Quick look of the SMILES data

Data Download (V3.0.0) (ID and Password required)

How to obtain ID and Password of the SMILES L2r data download page

  1. Download and read the protocol. (download PDF)
  2. Send a signed copy of the protocol to by e-mail if you agree to the protocol.
  3. You will get the ID and password.
  4. It should take no longer than three days. If you do not receive any e-mails from us, please just call Yasuko Kasai +81-42-327-5562.


SMILES mission plan

SMILES L2 research data guides

SMILES L2 climatology data guides

Data products


  • Level 1: Brightness-temperature spectra of limb emission. Current version is 008.
  • Level 2: Temperature and molecular volume mixing ratio (VMR) profiles as a function of altitude.

  • Current version of SMILES L2-research products is 3.0.0. It includes following trace gas molecules: O3, H35Cl, H37Cl, temperature, ClO, HNO3, CH3CN, ozone isotopomers, HOCl, HO2, and BrO. H2O and line-of-sight wind velocity are also retrieved as experimental products.

    Short summary of the data versions of SMILES L2r products