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The new version of SMILES observation data is made accesible to the public. (Data browse)
A SMILES Technical article is published in the SPIE Newsroom. (View the article)
The SMILES Level 2 Research product is released to collaborative researchers. (Information on registration and downloading the data)
The SMILES observation data is opened to public. (Press Release)
(Data browse)
The observation phase of SMILES terminated. The conclusion of the failure investigation about submillimeter-wave local oscillator was reported. (more)
The quality of the research products processed in NICT and the user interface of the products download system were reviewed by members in NICT and SMILES Science Team.
The cause of the discontinuance of the SMILES observation at 08:59:55 of 21th April 2010 (UT) was identified as a failure of submillimeter-wave local oscillator. (more)
2010/Apr/23 (JST)
The observation of SMILES is discontinued from 08:59:55 of 21th April 2010 (UT) because one of components in submillimeter-wave receiver turned to the stand-by mode.
2010/Feb/09 (JST)
International SMILES science team meeting will be held on 1-3 March.
2009/Dec/09 (JST)
2009/Nov/06 (JST)
SMILES instrument has started the operational observation since Nov. 06 2009.
2009/Oct/21 (JST)
The SMILES instrument is working well. Observation is basically performing continuously. SMILES will start the operational observation from around 28 October.
2009/Oct/20 (JST)
The initial data was released to the media on 12 October 2009. SMILES press release (Japanese)
2009/Oct/12 (JST)
The initial/test atmospheric observation started on 12 October.
2009/Oct/10 (JST)
The first atmospheric spectrum was taken. Beautiful spectrum observed with Tsys less than 500K and with no standing wave.
2009/Oct/08 (JST)
Cold Load, 2.7K cosmic background radiation, observed with SMILES receiver system for the confirmation of the system. Difference of the brightness temperature measured was less than 0.2K during one/two hours (Stable!). It was confirmed that the solar paddles disturb the SMILES-line-of-sight during observation. We will start manual atmospheric observation from 10 October 2009.
2009/Oct/06 (JST)
SIS mixer system (SIS + LO) are under checking.
2009/Oct/05 (JST)
Antenna driving system was confirmed. Orbit and position data were confirmed. Calibration hot load worked.
2009/Oct/02 (JST)
SIS mixers was confirmed the superconductive status. Submillimeter-wave local oscillator was confirmed. AOS diode laser was confirmed.
2009/Sep/30 (JST)
Star tracker was checked out. Data from STT was transported to JAXA/TKSC without any problem.
2009/Sep/28 12:00 (JST)
Temperature of SMILES receiever reached to 4.1K
2009/Sep/25 09:27 (JST)
SMILES was powered on.
2009/Sep/18 07:26 (JST)
SMILES on HTV arrived at the ISS. SMILES will be installed at JEM/EF by manipulation of robotic arms in next one week.
2009/Sep/11 02:01:46 (JST)
SMILES was launced via HTV/H-IIB from Tanegashima Space Center, JAXA.

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