Data products


  • Level 1: Brightness-temperature spectra of limb emission. Current version is 007.
  • Level 2: Temperature and molecular volume mixing ratio (VMR) profiles as a function of altitude.
  • Current version of SMILES L2-research products is 3.0.0. It includes following trace gas molecules: O3, H35Cl, H37Cl, temperature, ClO, HNO3, CH3CN, ozone isotopomers, HOCl, HO2, and BrO. H2O and line-of-sight wind velocity are also retrieved as experimental products.

    Short summary of the data versions of SMILES L2r products

    Level 2 Research Data (L2r) Product Guide for Version 2.1.5 (2012/01/11)

    Quick look of the SMILES products