Intercomparison and validation

Evaluations of SMILES data analysis method and validation of products

The accuracy of the results of SMILES L2r data is established through comparison of SMILES data with a series of measurements made by other instruments.
Since SMILES mission (NICT and JAXA) has no official validation program, SMILES NICT team has been assembled collaborations on the research basis. SMILES data are compared with satellite, balloon, aircraft, and in-situ measurements of O3, HCl, ClO, HO2, HOCl, and BrO.

Collaboration with SMILES for comparison/validation

Please contact to "smiles-data-acceess "at" (replace "at" to "@")" with your name and research purpose.

Validation papers (on the pipe line)

  • H. Sagawa et al., Comparison and validation of SMILES ClO observation
  • Y. Kasai et al., Validation experiment of SMILES Ozone observation

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