Spectroscopic measurement

Experimental Details
- Measurements of spectroscopic parameters -

Spectroscopic parameters are key to retrieve the molecular abundance from observed spectrum in the atmosphere. Pressure broadening parameter and its temperature dependence should be measured at laboratory prelimminarily. Here, we introduce you the experiment at Kanamori Laboratory in Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Target gas and buffer gas are mixed in the cell with 2m length. Sub-millimeter wave oscillated by BWO passes through the cell and InSb detecor, and the absorption spectrum are measured. BWO oscillation is locked to the target frequency by synthesizer. Frequency modulation method is used to obtain good signal to noise ratio in observed spectrum.
Accurate spectroscopic parameters are essential for SMILES observation. (T. Sato, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Experimental Set Up
Diagram of experimental setup at Kanamori Laboratory in Tokyo Institute of Technology

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