NICT Members for SMILES project

Members who work on the SMILES project and have a position in NICT


  • Yasuko Kasai (NICT / Senior researcher)

Level 1b Research

  • Satoshi Ochiai (NICT / Senior researcher)
  • Kenichi Kikuchi (NICT / Senior researcher)
  • Toshiyuki Nishibori (JAXA/ Senior researcher, NICT guest researcher)
  • Takeshi Manabe (Osaka Prefecture University/Professor, NICT guest researcher)

Level 2 Research

  • Hideo Sagawa (NICT/ Researcher)
  • Jana Mendrok (Luleå University/ Assistant professor, NICT guest researcher)
  • Tomohiro Satoh (Tokyo Institute of Technology/ PhD student)
  • Kengo Yokoyama (Osaka Prefecture University/ Master course student)

Level 3 Research (Quick Look and Climatology) and Science

  • Daniel Kreyling (NICT/ Researcher)
  • Kota Kuribayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology/ Master course student)
  • Joachim Urban (Chalmers Institute of Technology/ Associate professor, MOU)
  • Donal Murtagh (Chalmers Institute of Technology/ Professor, MOU)
  • Takayoshi Yamada (Tokyo Gakugei University/ Undergraduate student)

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