Algorithm development and data processing

The NICT SMILES researchers are developing L1b, L2, L3 algorithm, and also performing the data processing of L1b operatonal, L2 research, and L3 operational in the NICT SCIENCE CLOUD computer system. GOTO QUICK LOOK PAGE !

Spectrum calibration: L1 data processing

The L1 data processing converts raw data into limb emission spectra, which are usually graphed with brightness temperature on the Y-axis and frequency [GHz] on the X-axis. The spectral intensities, frequency scale, and observation location are calibrated in the process.

Retrieval procedure: L2 data processing

The L2 processing retrieves altitude distributions of atmospheric molecules from the calibrated emission spectra. As well as the molecular abundaces, temperature, humidity, abundance of ice clouds, and stratospheric winds are retrieved in the process.

L1b algorithm documentations

L2 algorithm documentations

L3/Climatology algorithm documentations

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